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John Berges, a designer on TS4, takes us through two minutes and twenty-nine seconds of Build Mode tools and features! Check soon for an info compilation for the video.

Silly traits aside, I’m totes gonna buy this game :P

Kaylynn Langerak - Makeover

I love my maid hair and outfit defaults :3

Edit: Added the link for themaid uniform default by Artemida. I actually retextured the hair default (don’t remember who made the original hair default though…). Would anyone like that?


chanel has a dry texture. you don’t even need to have dry lips for it to look flakey. Have a look at MAC’s “MAC Red”, it’s a similar blue-hued vibrant red and their textures are usually much smoother (and they’re cheaper!)

Really? o.O I actually tried “MAC Red” at the MAC counter a few months ago and it’s a true red, the red I’m looking for is more of a raspberry red. I do love my MAC lipsticks (I have 4 of them, including Russian Red and, my favorite lipstick of all time, Diva!).


maybe one of these? ive never used them personally but i have them bookmarked for when i cana justify shelling out $18 for lipstick limecrime.com/lips/op…

I’ll check them out, thanks ;D We don’t have Limecrime in Portugal though :\

I just fell in love head over heels with a Chanel lipstick o_O I wanted a lipstick that resembled Abaddon’s from Supernatural. The only one I could find while I was searching was the Chanel Rouge Allure in the color Palpitante. It’s so amazing… I’m not sure if I’m ready to drop 30 euros (aprox. 35 dollars) for it though? What d’you think? Do you guys know of any cheaper lipsticks in this color (red with a pink undertone)?

Smith Family - Makeovers

I’ve been meaning to post photos of the Smith family for the longest time o.O

(God, I’m so bad at taking group pictures… Check out that hoover hand, geez!)

Can anyone point me to good furnished but CC free dorms?

I already have one by slyndsey but I can’t seem to find more…

Grunt Family - Makeovers

I’m pretty happy with these makeovers :3 What do you guys think?

Is there a Pleasant Twin in somewhere? She looks like it :)

Actually, no ahah :) I used Darren Dreamer, Ripp Grunt and Bottom Summerdream, see here :3

Uploading the sim that resulted from the last GoS Good Genes Challenge, since some people asked :) Better late than never.



The Sims 4: Create A Sim Official Gameplay Trailer

In The Sims 4 gameplay trailer, experience our most powerful and intuitive Create A Sim ever.

Source: TheSims

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News | Goths | CAS 2014

Seriously, I cannot understand how people talk trash about TS4. It just looks better and better.

I don’t even know why the images are so blurry *shakes fist at tumblr* See the original sized images here and here click to zoom!

Anon 1: I cannot find them for the life of me, but I know they were made by Skell.

Anon 2: So this was sent over a month ago (oh my…), so I’m guessing you’re asking for the Skysims 184 hair. I recolored the hair but haven’t uploaded it.

Anon 3: Thank you so much :3 Unfortunately I’m not taking requests at this moment.

Anon 4: Damn those took a lot of time to find o.O Malaze brows by Zero.

Anon 5: Xenoria Rose and Emilia have really nice accessories :)

Anon 6: No, I’m not. Sorry :\

Anon 7: Thanks for your suggestions :D

Anon 8: I think I reuploaded them here.

Anon 9: Thank you so much, dear Alison! Hugs <3

Anon 10: You’re not bothering me at all :) Oh this is difficult… Can you tell me which pictures are you refering to? I have one set that I really like to use that was made by Trapping but I can’t find it because her Photobucket account is out of bandwidth…

Anon 11: How lovely <3 I use snapdragoned’s psd but I adjust the layers to my liking :)

Anon 12: That dress is by MissTiikeri.

Anon 13: Can’t remember where the original one is but you can find cool recolors by Azaya here.

Anon 14: I haven’t been using default eyebrows for many moths now.

Anon 15: I have o.O Haven’t I uploaded it? I should…

Anon 16: You’re cool too anon :3

Anon 17: Hey, wow there’s a lot of cool black lipsticks. Here’s a set by Pooklet and you basically should download everything TeaLeaf makes.

Anon 18: You can find it here.

Anon 19: I haven’t shared that hair yet, sorry :(

Anon 20: Ugh, I’m so sorry but I can’t find it. It’s a teen conversion by Trapping though…

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Ok, NOW I am going to answer my anon asks

I’ve been procrastinating for so long…


Checking my inbox, going to answer some asks :)

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