Lilith, 23, portuguese.
I make custom content for The Sims 2.


Daniel looking pretty hot, imo :P What do you guys think?

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Bodyshop crashed (bad thumbnails) so I uploaded my version of Brandi Broke to the Gallery.

I totally forgot to post here my gift to Whispers!

It includes a hair retexture, an accessory recolor, a sim, an eyebrow set, a nosemask and a lip gloss!


Can you guess who this is? :3

Alright guys I uploaded Darren Dreamer to the Gallery. Username lilithsims4, or just search “Darren Dreamer”, I think you’ll find him. Hope you like ^^

I fixed some proportions on Darren. First there’s a ts4 picture overlayed on a bodyshop ts2 picture of him. I can’t make the eyebrows better at this point so I’m done with those. I could make the ears closer to the head but I think they bring more balance to the face like that. I can’t control the forehead size either so that sucks too x(

I don’t think it can get much better than this but I’m open to suggestions.

My ts4 version of Darren Dreamer.

Before I upload I wanted your opinion:

  • Which beard is better?
  • Does this look like him? Where do you think his face can be improved?
  • I gave him the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration and his traits are Creative, Art Lover and Lazy. What do you guys think?
  • I wanted to give him a darker skintone but the two darkest shades are really cool-toned and I don’t think that suits him at all :\

Any feedback is appreciated ^^

List of fixed links

Ok, I think I managed to fix all the Mediafire links that were broken. Here’s a list of stuff that is now available again for download (99% are hairs with Pooklet’s textures).


The Big Trade-Off:


If you notice any more broken links please let me know! Also I think I’m out of box.net bandwidth :(

· fixed links ·

In the process of fixing all my broken download links (Mediafire)

Also missing Livejournal because I’m basically opening every post on there and feeling all nostalgic and stuff ;___; Reading really sweet comments. We were all so cuddly and excited about ts2 and cc…

I think I’m going to go back posting stuff on my LJ, if I still remember how to do it!

I shared Fred Hart in the Gallery too!

Remember my Origin username is lilithsims4.

Shared Alex Harper too ^^

I also uploaded Ashley Armstrong to the Gallery.

Search for my username for my sim uploads, and follow me if you like: lilithsims4

I’m now able to upload my sims to the Gallery, so you can get Andrea.

My nickname in Origin is lilithsims4, so add me or follow me or whatever it is!

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